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Epic Swordage

Now, just whose sword is more epic?

Epic Swordage - A Merlin/Legend of the Seeker cros
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Richard Cypher and Arthur Pendragon are the wielders of epic swords in both their tales...
... but truly, whose is more epic?


epic_swordage; who are we?

Epic Swordage came into being after several lulzy conversations between autumnrae89 and infinitesunrise. (More: HERE in the INTRO post)

For those of you unaware, Arthur Pendragon (Merlin BBC) will someday wield the sword Excalibur (Whoo!) and currently, Richard Cypher (Legend of the Seeker) wields the Sword of Truth. Both worthy weapons of our heroes but whose is better?

If you think that's all our little comm is about, think again. Your dastardly mods live in the gutter and when we say sword we mean tool. Still don't get it? Come in and browse for yourself.

This comm also serves as a community crossing over Merlin and Legend of the Seeker. But will primarly contain HOLYSH*TBBQ posts about swordage/sword pr0nz and other such activities. For this reason only the comm is MEMBERS ONLY and all posts are MEMBERS ONLY and locked. Anyone can become a member but you must ask the mods for posting access if you wish it. Choose not to follow this rule and your posts will be deleted, continue thereafter and you will be banned.

Rules of epic_swordage

...the comm is MEMBERS ONLY and all posts are MEMBERS ONLY and locked. Anyone can become a member but you must ask the mods for posting access if you wish it...

^Please always F-lock your posts people. That way we can all enjoy the lulzy lulz of the comm without sticking an adult filter on it.

TAG YOUR POSTS ACCORDINGLY; we don't have code monkeys and the mods are too busy to chase your butt. The only person to blame is you.

No more than 4 icons in a preview and no spoilers, that's a warning offence. epic_swordage is a spoiler-free zone unless you're told otherwise or use a pretty pretty cut.

All fan fiction must have a header like this; You MUST give warnings if necessary. Also your disclaimer should be more substantial than do. not. own. Thanks.

Author Notes: (If necessary)
Word Count:

other rules

No bashing, or flaming other users. It's rude, disrespectful and we won't have it.
No RPF please. This is about Arthur and Richard.
Respect the actors and their shows. It's not about one being better than the other. It's about how good they'd be if they were togther.


Affliates; Please let us know if you'd like to affilate with epic_swordage

legendofseeker - the main LotS comm on LJ.

sword_of_lies - sister comm to legendofseeker in all of it's deliciousness and home to Gay for Kahlan par-tays.

Your mods are: Rae autumnrae89 & Stacey infinitesunrise, please contact us with questions, queries and other such interests. We're here to help, honest!

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